DK Savings Account

DK Savings Account

Experience the Future of Banking with DK Savings

Enjoy Unparalleled Banking Convenience With a DK Savings. account. Take control of all your expenses in one app.

At DK, we truly embrace the digital era. Our user-friendly app allows you to open your savings account effortlessly, eliminating the need to visit any bank branch. We believe banking should be accessible to everyone, empowering you to apply for an account at your convenience. Join us today and embark on a seamless banking journey from the comfort of your own device.

Deposit Interest Rates

Saving deposit rates w.e.f 01 November 2023
SL.NO Saving Deposit Type Rates (per annum)
1 Local Savings Deposit 4.5%

From 01 Jan 2024, all dormant accounts will not earn any interest, maintain a zero percent interest rate.